M.T.C.      – Master The Code

M.T.C. – Master The Code

MTC recognizes that some students do not bring sufficient cognitive skills to the task of learning the reading code quickly and efficiently. Even if the code is taught completely and sequentially, a student who has a severe auditory processing deficiency, is not concentrating adequately, works too slowly, has poor memory skills, or cannot create good mental images, will complete lessons very slowly or exhibit poor retention. When these skills are in place, however, students learn rapidly. Master the Code has been designed to remedy these significant problem areas.

Embedded within MTC are procedures that evaluate, pinpoint, and develop to advanced levels the underlying mental skills required to assure fast and efficient learning-to-read skills. (MTC has been developed by the world”s leading cognitive training company ” PACE). Some of these skills include:

  •  Memory (the ability to remember the sound-symbol relationship)
  •  Segmenting (the ability to separate or unglue sounds)
  •  Blending (the ability to put together sounds to form words)
  •  Auditory analysis (the ability to manipulate or analyze small changes in groups of sounds)
  •  Processing Speed and Working Memory (the ability to retain incoming information and properly process it quickly)
  •  Attention (the ability to stay on the given task)
  •  Visualization (the ability to create and use mental images)

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