S.O.I. Structure of Intellect

S.O.I. Structure of Intellect

“SOI” stands for Structure of Intellect – a theory of the functions and products of human intelligence. It is a system of tests and training materials to develop intellectual abilities.

The SOI test evaluates learning abilities – comprehension, creativity, problem solving, evaluation, and memory. It shows any strengths or weaknesses the client has in these areas.

The test also determines the client’s primary learning style – figural, symbolic, semantic.

All of this information provides a solid profile that helps the client understand his/her learning capabilities.

SOI has developed materials that can train low abilities as well as enhance high abilities. A personalized workbook and computer CD are made based on each client’s SOI profile.

SOI also aims to empower clients. Students gain confidence in their learning abilities and progress through their curriculum more easily.  The program provides necessary tools so that all of our clients can reach their full learning potential.

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